Prophylaxis and oral hygiene

In the arsenal of the doctors at the Pediatric Dental Center of “32 Praktika” is a variety of tools and procedures that provide effective prevention or treatment of periodontal disease in children.

It is important to understand that the causes and nature of the development of such diseases in small and adult patients may differ significantly. The fact is that periodontal tissues are constantly growing and rearranging. Only an experienced pediatric periodontist can identify them, since there may be no noticeable anomalies at the initial stage. 

Professional oral hygiene for children
*The final price can be determined after examination by a specialist.

Specialist Divisions

SHTENSOVA Irina Valerevna

SHTENSOVA Irina Valerevna

Dental Hygienist
Experience over 15 years
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SHTENSOVA Irina Valerevna


Thank you so much! We and our children are delighted with your clinic! We have a sea of positive emotions that simply cannot be expressed in words! We wish you success and many many appreciative clients.
The Furashovs
I express my deep gratitude to the pediatric surgeon Yulia Borisovna Milagina for her professionalism, and competent and qualified assistance provided at the highest level!!! Thanks to all your clinic's staff for their courtesy, attention and responsiveness! I wish your clinic growth and prosperity! May you have success in your hard work!!!
Inna Leonidovna Popova
Everything is great! The girls are polite and attentive! Service came through with flying colors !!! The kids were kept busy while waiting for the doctor. The entertainer kept them engaged. Our family expresses gratitude to all employees of your dental center! Thanks to all!
Natalya Anatolevna Petukhova

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