There comes a time when each of us must have one or a few teeth removed.

At the stage of tooth extraction, it is already important to consider the best method to install an implant. As a tooth is extracted, bone might be damaged, which will later decrease in volume. This worsens implant placement conditions, and sometimes requires additional manipulation of the area to build up bone.

At Dental Center “32 Praktika” surgeons with more than 20 years experience work in conditions of maximum sterility and safety. This allows them to perform high quality operations to remove the molars in the upper and lower jaw.

Simple tooth extraction
Complex tooth extraction
Extraction of an impacted tooth
Sinus lift operation
Nobel Biocare dental implant
Implants placement and bridges made of metal-acrylic using the "All-on-4" method
Clasp prosthesis
Removable acrylic denture (up to 4 teeth)
Removable acrylic denture (up to 8 teeth)
Removable orthodontic device for one jaw
*The final price can be determined after examination by a specialist.

Specialist Divisions

MILAGINA Yuliya Borisovna

MILAGINA Yuliya Borisovna

Dental surgeon of the highest category. Implantologist. Periodontal surgeon.
Experience over 22 years
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GUDIMENKO Yuriy Borisovich

GUDIMENKO Yuriy Borisovich

Dental surgeon. Implantologist. Periodontal surgeon
Experience over 15 years
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BELOV Andrey Olegovich

BELOV Andrey Olegovich

Oral and maxillofacial dental surgeon. Implantologist.
Experience over 10 years
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MILAGINA Yuliya Borisovna
GUDIMENKO Yuriy Borisovich
BELOV Andrey Olegovich


The implant is constructed of durable material
During installation of the implant there is no need to sand down adjacent teeth
There are no strict restrictions in the choice of products, even solid ones, etc.

Application cases

After maxillofacial trauma or complications in treatment
After losing teeth due to old age
After losing teeth due to malnutrition

Results of our work

Implantation of teeth using the “All-on-4” method



Dental team, please take a bow! You deserve my deep gratitude and respect! I wish to thank: Yury Borisovich Gudimenko, Sergey Golev, Elena Arkadyevna Rusakova, Anastasia Alexandrovna Kasnitskaya and Evgenia Dorokhovа for their intelligence, talent and truly golden hands that work wonders. Many thanks to all the nurses for their warmth and compassion and their willingness to always come to the rescue. I wish all of you long health and well being!! Thanks you for your professionalism, I can now show my smile to the whole world !!! Special thanks to the technicians.
Vita Mikailovna Epishina
I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. AS Verkhoturov! He is a sensitive, attentive and considerate doctor who shows concern for his patients! Be happy! Keep smiling and don't lose your optimism. I thank all the doctors at the clinic: Kalinina and Belova for their skill and their golden hands! I will recommend your clinic to my friends! I wish you continued success and grateful patients!
I really want to express my gratitude for your very attentive and kind attitude to patients and to your high level of professionalism. This is especially true of Julia Borisovna. She is a magnificent doctor and a wonderful, radiant person. Thank you so much, Julia Borisovna.
O. Y. Ignatova

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