Conducting three-dimensional dental computed CT scans in Perm allows you to get high-quality 3D images of teeth.

The dentists of “32 Praktika” have found a way to get around the main drawback of traditional x-ray pictures of teeth - the two-dimensional aspect of the resulting image. After all, our dentition exists in three dimensions - height, width and thickness. And also due to the superimposition of tissues over each other, with the usual x-ray, many pathological processes are often overlooked, such as granulomas, cysts, etc.
CT scan of both jaws using the “Ultra Low Dose” treatment for children up to 12 years of age
CT scan of both jaws
CT scan of one jaw
*The final price can be determined after examination by a specialist.

Indications for radiology

After receiving an injury
Incorrect tooth position or jaw abnormality
Identification of cysts, detection of latent cavities, complications after intracanal treatment
Periodontitis and other diseases of the gums and temporomandibular joint
Intermediate quality control of treatment and analysis of results over time
Neoplasm of bone and soft tissue in the jaw area
Treatment by an orthodontist, therapist or orthopedist
Inflammation of the bone tissue near the apices (tops) of teeth
Neoplasms of bones and soft tissues of the maxillofacial area

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