Periodontology and teeth whitening

The health of teeth depends largely on the health of the gums, or periodontium.

Regular prophylaxis and timely treatment is an opportunity to extend the life of your teeth. It is recommended to undergo professional oral hygiene twice a year.

Causes of problems with the gums can be: avitaminosis, an unhealthy diet, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system, frequent stresses and even ecology. In the early stages, the main signs of gum disease are bleeding, swelling and discoloration.

If you have signs of periodontitis or are interested in the procedure of plasma-lifting, we recommend that you make an appointment with a periodontist at Dental Center “32 Praktika”. The teeth whitening procedure, which is carried out in our clinic with the use of modern and safe whitening systems Zoom!4 and Zoom!QuickPro, also helps to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Coating teeth with fluoride varnish (10 teeth)
Plasma therapy
Professional oral hygiene
Removal of plaque using Air Flow
Professional whitening ZOOM! QuickPro (smile zone)
Professional whitening ZOOM! 4 (smile zone)
*The final price can be determined after examination by a specialist.

Specialist Divisions

SINTYURINA Aleksandra Andreevna

SINTYURINA Aleksandra Andreevna

More about the doctor
KOMAROVA Elena Yurevna

KOMAROVA Elena Yurevna

Periodontist, Candidate of Medical Science
Experience over 19 years
More about the doctor
SINTYURINA Aleksandra Andreevna
KOMAROVA Elena Yurevna


Modern equipment
Modern equipment
We use a dental microscope which allows us to see a 30-fold increase in detail of dental cavities - not a single crack can be hidden from us.
Treatment is provided by doctors with over 20 years of experience. They regularly (more than 4 times a year) take courses to improve qualifications. Therefore, patients can be sure of the best outcome for their treatment.
High quality materials
High quality materials
We use materials produced using the latest scientific developments. They are characterized by high reliability, durability and aesthetics.

Indications for treatment

Generalized periodontitis (1,2,3 severity)
Localized periodontitis
Implant surgery, teeth extraction

Results of our work

Professional oral hygiene + professional whitening ZOOM!4



I wish to express my deep gratitude to the super Dr. Elena Yurevna Komarova for her pleasant, high quality procedures. Your competence also inspires me to work competently and do more. Thank you for your work, your sensitive attitude and attention!!! I wish you health and prosperity!
E.A. Parshakova
Many thanks to the doctors Elena Yurevna, Anton Vladimirovich, and Sergey Vladimirovich, to the nurses Nadezhda Viktorovna and Natalia, as well as to the clinic's administrators for their high professionalism and kind and sensitive attitude.
O.V. Biryukova
I express my gratitude to E. Y. Komarova. and assistant S. Prekel for the professional teeth cleaning. A very professional team.

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