Abnormal occlusion is a dental disease that is common among 90% of the population and results in improperly positioned teeth. Most people do not see anything terrible in this, but the problem is quite serious, as it can affect human health: improper bite is often the cause of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (due to poorly chewed food) and speech defects.
Installation of removable retainer
Installation of metal braces. Installments with a monthly payment of
Installation of ceramic braces. Installments with a monthly payment of
Installation of "INCOGNITO" lingual braces (per jaw)
INVISILIGN bite correction system (course)
Removal of braces (+polishing)
*The final price can be determined after examination by a specialist.

Specialist Divisions

KASNITSKAYA Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

KASNITSKAYA Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

Experience over 17 years
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SHKUROPATENKO Yuliya Aleksandrovna

SHKUROPATENKO Yuliya Aleksandrovna

Experience over 9 years
More about the doctor
KASNITSKAYA Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
SHKUROPATENKO Yuliya Aleksandrovna

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Bite Correction



Thank you, Yulia Aleksandrovna!!! How fortunate that such competent doctors work where they are most needed. You are a miracle worker!!! The high level of your professionalism is reflected in my smile. Thank you!!!
O. I. Berezina
They put on my braces and everything! Many thanks to Yulia Alexandrovna and Elena Yuryevna! Thank you for the friendly attitude and good work!
O. Y. Vladimirovna
Yulia Alexandrovna, thank you so much for your sensitivity and attentive attitude towards your patients. The children are delighted. I was very worried about how they would react to the retainers, but everything turned out fine. With this doctor's attitude, the result will also be remarkable.

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