I wish to give a big thank you to the wonderful, charming and sweet Elena Yurevna Komarova and Svetlana Prekel. My child only wants to come here. Everything is just at the highest level. We will recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. Thank you!!!

Aleksei Sibiriakov

I really want to express my gratitude for your very attentive and kind attitude to patients and to your high level of professionalism. This is especially true of Julia Borisovna.  She is a magnificent doctor and a wonderful, radiant person. Thank you so much, Julia Borisovna.

O. Y. Ignatova

I express my gratitude to E. Y. Komarova. and assistant S. Prekel  for the professional teeth cleaning. A very professional team.


Many thanks to the doctors Elena Yurevna, Anton Vladimirovich, and Sergey Vladimirovich, to the nurses Nadezhda Viktorovna and Natalia, as well as to the clinic's administrators for their high professionalism and kind and sensitive attitude.

O.V. Biryukova

They put on my braces and everything! Many thanks to Yulia Alexandrovna and Elena Yuryevna! Thank you for the friendly attitude and good work!

O. Y. Vladimirovna

I wish to express my deep gratitude to the super Dr. Elena Yurevna Komarova for her pleasant, high quality procedures. Your competence also inspires me to work competently and do more. Thank you for your work, your sensitive attitude and attention!!! I wish you health and prosperity!

E.A. Parshakova

I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. AS Verkhoturov! He is a sensitive, attentive and considerate doctor who shows concern for his patients! Be happy! Keep smiling and don't lose your optimism.
I thank all the doctors at the clinic: Kalinina and Belova for their skill and their golden hands! I will recommend your clinic to my friends! I wish you continued success and grateful patients!


Thank you, Yulia Aleksandrovna!!! How fortunate that such competent doctors work where they are most needed. You are a miracle worker!!! The high level of your professionalism is reflected in my smile. Thank you!!!

O. I. Berezina

Maria Viktorovna Vaganova provided a very professional x-ray analysis of a problem tooth. Thank you!

Vladimir Grigorievoch

Good afternoon! In July of this year I was a patient of the "32 Praktika" Dental Center. Arriving from afar, I found a very friendly attitude and understanding. I want to express my deep gratitude to Yuri Borisovich Gudimenko and Sergey Vladimirovich Golev for giving me a truly Hollywood smile. The result exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for your patience, sensitivity and positive attitude. You are true professionals. You are the best!!! Special thanks to the assistants Olga and Anastasia for their kind attitude and support. I also want to express my great appreciation to the administrators Ekaterina, Anna and Albina for their attentive attitude. I wish the whole team of the clinic prosperity, well-being and of course many grateful patients. Thank you very much! I highly recommend giving the clinic “32 Praktika” a call. It is the only place to find highly qualified dental services and where you will be shown goodwill and understanding, which is so important nowadays.

Yulia Alexandrovna Yershova

No words can express my appreciation to A.V. Tsepennikov. He is a professional with a big heart and limitless patience. He handled me with care for almost 2 years. A lot of work was done which led to a happy ending. I thank the team of doctors. I wish the clinic's patients will only experience positive emotions from all procedures. With such doctors you can! Thank you very much. I wish for the clinic to be prosperous and for personal happiness to all doctors and staff.

N.G. Ismagilova

Dental team, please take a bow!  You deserve my deep gratitude and respect!  I wish to thank: Yury Borisovich Gudimenko, Sergey Golev, Elena Arkadyevna Rusakova,  Anastasia Alexandrovna Kasnitskaya and  Evgenia Dorokhovа for their intelligence, talent and  truly golden hands that work wonders. Many thanks to all the nurses for their warmth and compassion and their willingness to always come to the rescue. I wish all of you long health and well being!! Thanks you for your professionalism, I can now show my smile to the whole world !!! Special thanks to the technicians.

Vita Mikailovna Epishina

  • It didn't hurt! Thank you doctor and Leila!
  • Thanks from Ivan Nosov's mother: Thank you for the professional help of Andrey Olegovich, Leila and the person with whom the clinic begins - Veronika!
Ivan Onosov

I like this clinic. The doctors and staff are kind. Everything is just fantastic.

Ksenia Sergeevna Vasilyeva (13 years old)

Everything is really cool! Thank you, Julia Alexandrovna.

Yuliana Okuneva (10 years old)

I really enjoyed your clinic! It didn't hurt at all! Thank you for your kind attitude and friendly help!

Varvara Sergeevna Kiseleva (9 years old)

Everything is great! The girls are polite and attentive! Service came through with flying colors !!! The kids were kept busy while waiting for the doctor. The entertainer kept them engaged. Our family expresses gratitude to all employees of your dental center! Thanks to all!

Natalya Anatolevna Petukhova

I express my deep gratitude to the pediatric surgeon Yulia Borisovna Milagina for her professionalism,  and competent and qualified assistance provided at the highest level!!! Thanks to all your clinic's staff for their courtesy, attention and responsiveness! I wish your clinic growth and prosperity! May you have success in your hard work!!!

Inna Leonidovna Popova

Many thanks to Dr. Mikhail Vladimirovich Kostromin! Our son was observed and treated at another clinic. We then took him to “32 Praktika” which we never regretted! The doctor immediately connected with the 2 year-old child.  Seven teeth were treated.  We are immensely grateful!  The entertainers, administrators and nurses are very polite and attentive! The game zone is great!

Elena Kharina

Thank you so much! We and our children are delighted with your clinic!  We have a sea of positive emotions that simply cannot be expressed in words! We wish you success and many many appreciative clients.

The Furashovs

We sought help at your center to treat my 3.5 year-old granddaughter Sophia's milk teeth. We tried another clinic, but we had a sad impression, to say the least. We were advised to come to you and have not regretted it. Everything in the center is pleasing to the eye: cleanliness, a beautiful interior and friendly staff.  All her teeth were treated and she hardly cried at all. We express many thanks to the wonderful, sensitive  and upbeat doctor Irina Valerievna Shtentsova and her assistant. The way they treated her teeth was like a fairy tale and the doctor was always in contact with the child, smiling and giving her kind words, THANKS!!!

Galina Alexandrovna

This is the first time we had to deal with anesthesia. To be honest, I thought it would be much worse! When my child and I came the entertainers met us. They were friendly and smiling - they deserve praise. They played, painted, etc. with the child. He was distracted and didn't even realize why he was really there! This is the first time I've seen such an attitude at a dental clinic. Here everything is worked out and all details are considered. The administrators offered tea, coffee, and were  interested in how I was. After a short wait, our doctor, Andrei Olegovich, came and invited us to go to the office. My child and I entered the office without any problems.  They put on his breathing mask and he fell asleep. After that I went out into the corridor! I was very worried about my son and what was happening to him. I wondered how he would deal with his first time under anesthesia, how he would feel, if he would cry. Medical workers approached me and reassured me that everything was fine and not to worry. They offered me some water. Later I learned that this was the head of the children's branch! Thanks to her and the great girls! He was under anesthesia for twenty minutes and two teeth were removed. I assumed that it would be much longer and more painful. My mother told me that when I was 3 years old my teeth were treated under anesthesia. Apparently this runs in our family. Andrei Olegovich came out and invited me to the room where my son was brought immediately. Yarik departed without any tantrums, shed a few tears and calmly sat on my lap. I was surprised by how perfectly and quickly everything went! Andrei Olegovich must be given his due. He is a young but experienced specialist who knows his business! He said that everything went well, told me what procedures to do, how to behave the first time, to follow a small diet, how to groom the teeth, etc. Then we were told to spend an hour for observation The child had been playing with the entertainers all this time: “Well, what, Yarik, have you returned?! Come to us.” After the doctor's examination we left. All is well. I liked that in “32 Praktika” no one says: “Hello, I am your doctor, my name is Fedor Fedorovich. Open your mouth and I will treat your teeth.” Here it is different: “Oh, hello, Yarik. Did you fall off your bike and break your arm? Let's watch some cartoons.” Children and adults are treated the same. I think this is a big plus.

Ksenia Andreyevna Degtyareva

Yulia Alexandrovna, thank you so much for your sensitivity and attentive attitude towards your patients. The children are delighted. I was very worried about how they would react to the retainers, but everything turned out fine. With this doctor's attitude, the result will also be remarkable.


I really liked it! We thank Andrei Olegovich and Leila for their professionalism and approach with children.

Anna Babaeva