Dental Center “32 Praktika” is the leading dental company in the city of Perm, and one of the top clinics in Russia*. We provide all commonly preferred dental services for both adults and children in compliance with global dental guidelines as well as a number of procedures and operations that are rarely performed in Russia.

“32 Praktika” is a team of professional dentists, each of whom has high qualifications and a narrow specialization. Every 3 to 5 years, our doctors undergo training and refresher courses with the best specialists in Russia and abroad. 

All “32 Praktika” clinics are equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which allow us to conduct high-quality diagnostics before treatment begins and to provide treatment in accordance with international medical standards at a first-class level - quickly, efficiently and comfortably for the patient.

Great attention is paid to safety. We maintain a high level of biosafety. All stages of instrument sterilization are carried out automatically, which completely eliminates mistakes due to “human error”. We will not overlook HIV or hepatitis. At the end of a full cycle of 100% processing and sterilization, we place the instruments in individual packaging. It is opened only when it needs to be used, in front of the patient.

In “32 Praktika” we have built a treatment system that does not require any unnecessary movement of the patient and virtually eliminates the risk of medical error. Our patients feel relaxed and comfortable even during the most complex procedures.

Currently “32 Praktika” operates three clinics in the city of Perm:

- 97 Kuibysheva Street (services for adults);

- 28a Komsomolsky Avenue (services for children);

- 28a Komsomolsky Avenue (services for adults).

According to the ranking of the best dental clinics in Perm in 2018 from the ”Kommersant” Publishing House and dental magazine ”Startsmile” Dental Center ”32 Praktika” took 1st place among clinics operating in Perm for more than three years. At the end of 2015 we took 15th place, and in 2014, 22nd place among clinics operating up to three years throughout Russia.

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